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Friendly Family Dentist in Kodiak, AK

Ensure happy, healthy smiles for your entire family with help from our family dental experts at Kodiak Island Family Dentistry. From newborns to patients in their golden years, our family dentists in Kodiak, AK, care for patients of all ages, making sure that you receive quality dental care, comfortable accommodations, and excellent service throughout your life.

Your Child’s First General Dentist Visit

Your child’s first visit to a family dental clinic can be scary, but rest assured that our dentist will make it painless and fun. Your kid’s first visit to our dentist will include a quick exam, cleaning, and evaluation. If all goes well, they’ll be able to pick a toy from our “toy box.” 

The Advantages of Family Dentistry

One advantage to family dentistry is our ability to care for you from birth to old age. We’re able to get to know you personally and adhere to your specific needs. Our family dental center also keeps records, so we can diagnose issues properly, ensure fast treatments, and give you personalized care.

  • Do you have a toothache that just won’t go away? Visit our family dental clinic for an oral exam. We’ll find the source of your toothache and treat it quickly.
  • Make sure your teeth are growing correctly and staying in place with dental x-rays. Trust our family dentist to x-ray your teeth as recommended to ensure good health.
  • Protect your teeth against tooth decay and cavities with dental sealants. Our family dental practice recommends sealants on molars and premolars.
  • Give your child exceptional dental care by scheduling appointments with our dentist. We make the entire visit fun, educational, and easy—our kids’ dentist is a friend, not a foe!
  • Get family dental care for the entire crew in one setting. Our office includes exam rooms, oral surgery equipment, and everything you need for successful dental treatment.
  • Are you finding it hard to afford a family dentist visit? Ask our dental center about financing options, including CreditCare financing and more.

Contact our family dental office to schedule your child’s or your own appointment today!

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